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Discover the many craft specialities and savour the local produce thanks to a selection of exceptional products.

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A true feast of taste, colour and smells in your basket…

Combining their work and their passion, our craftspeople create remarkable, unique and original works.

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You will be enchanted by the colours and diverse materials of the craftworks...

The Maison de Pays of South Auxois was created in 1992, an initiative of the South Auxois Association of Communes, the first Association of Communes in France.

Our Maison de Pays, the economic and tourist showcase of the Burgundy region, features a large selection of local crafts and produce.

In its 270m2 exhibition space, you will discover the know-how of 80 producers and craftspeople from the Burgundy region.

The large array of products attracts more than 12,000 visitors a year. The staff is at your disposal to inform and advise you on the products you have chosen. They will introduce you to local delicacies.

The Maison de Pays is also a source of tourist information. Directly linked to the tourist office at Pouilly en Auxois, our staff provide information year-round on the region (visits, events, lodging, etc).

A ‘cyberposte’ point, the result of partnerships with the Côte d’Or General Council, La Poste (the French Post Office) and ANPE (the French Unemployment Office), provides Internet access for all.

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