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Wine is, of course, the best known of Burgundy’s products.
We can propose many prestigious appellations from grower-producers: Chablis, Côte-de-Nuits, Côte-de-Beaune, Hautes-Côtes, Côte Chalonnaise and Mâconnais…

Another of our region’s best-known products is Crème de Cassis (and other flavours, such as Vine Peach), which, in the best that tradition can offer, blends with Bourgogne Aligoté to give us Kir.

The spirits also have a well-renowned reputation. Marc de Bourgogne, Grande Fine, Ratafia, Eau de vie, liqueurs and even fruit preserved in eau de vie…

Less well known, and more surprising, are Whisky, Burgundy beer and hydromel.

Those who like fruit juices, nectars and concentrates will find equal pleasure in our alcohol-free beverages.

Alcohol abuse can damage your health. Please consume in moderation


The great wines of Burgundy:

- Chablis
- Côte de Beaune
- Côte Chalonnaise
- Côte de Nuits
- Hautes Côtes des Beaune
- Mâconnais...

Crème de cassis

The basis of the well-known Kir, Burgundy’s famous aperitif. Also available in other flavours, such as Vine Peach


- Marc de Bourgogne
- Grande fine
- Ratafia
- Liqueurs


And also :


Burgundy beer


Fruit juices, nectars and concentrates


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